Raw Kind wellness balms are extremely safe, effective and kind to the newest of skins. Suitable to use from birth.

Wonder Balm

This wonder balm soothe and protect the newest of skins. Botanical oils are blended with soothing shea butter to help with nappy and heat rashes, dryness, bumps & scratches. 100% organic.

Breathe Easy Balm

A safe and effective all-natural decongestant vapour balm soothes and relieves coughs, colds, sinusitis and allergy symptoms.
100% organic.

Sleep & Calm Balm

A wonderful calming balm blended with lavender and chamomile oils for a peaceful night’s sleep. This balm helps your little one relax and sleep better through the night. 100% organic.

Tummy Kind Balm

The warming and carminative properties of cardamon, cassia and dill help to soothe and relieve tummy troubles such as gas and colic, indigestion, nausea, vomiting & diarrhea. 100% organic.

Sleep & Breathe Set

This practical duo is here to naturally help aid sleep and relieve the dreaded coughs/colds that little ones seem to pick up on a weekly occurrence.

Sleep & Protect set

A wonderful duo of balms that aid sleep and protect your little ones delicate skin. What more could a new or ‘old hat’ parent ask for!